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Goddess ☼ Ƹl¡ on view seen from my window
what a beautiful color and atmosphere ...I really love it 5*****s from me

Curly on view seen from my window
Fabulous sky, but I would have preferred just a little more shadow detail.

katalog firm on blue cats :)
exellent shot,great colours

kate on Slide over the ... slide I think ;)
wonderful image and light**~~**

Eric Cousineau on Slide over the ... slide I think ;)
Interesting perspective on this shot! Well done! ;-)

Shahryar on light purple
interesting shot :)

laura on Princess Jacaranda
i love how you used the other trees to frame this tree. i am sorry you are allergic to it. it's a beautiful ...

Olivier on Vertigo again
great sensation of speed...

laura on Vertigo again
this is great! i think i will try my luck at a shot like this, if you don't mind. you managed great focus in the ...

steve on Melting moments

Dancing4mind on Here and there

Dancing4mind on A good ending for the ice-age :))
so cute!!!

jessica on Daily dose of imagination
thats a really beautiful picture I love it!

Curly on A good ending for the ice-age :))
Nice find, I've been in my local park every day this week, but the squirrels are not coming out for me!

London Caller on Here and there
Hmmm isn't it spring down there?

Candais on Melting moments
I LOVE these cookies but only make them at Christmas. I put marashino cherry juice in the icing. Turns it a nice pink ...

steve on Walking like a stranger
Great autumn colors.

Cruz on Walking like a stranger
what is that guy doing in the middle of the street? Hasn’t he heard of sidewalks? Aside from that, the autumn ...

Olivier on My share of the sky
Superb sky...

Tede on My share of the sky
A nice patch of blue sky in the middle of the forest, Superb framing and colors. Beautiful day.

Nazzareno on Yellow
A beautifully captured image...

Nina on Yellow
Beautiful autumn landscape ... Beautiful atmosphere that emanates from the picture!

Jojigirl on Yellow
a refreshingly quiet rural scenery. nice shot.

Tede on Yellow
Beautiful picture with these golden leaves fall, superb perspective. Good day.

Cruz on Yellow
The “s” curve that leads you right into the scene. What is beyond the bend? I like color of the leaves and ...

laura on Autmn, Autmn, Autmn
good perspective. are you shooting straight up? i like the cloud floating on the right. bravo and aloha 8:)

laura on Sunset
the red is beautiful! did you dial down you WB to capture the warmth? well done. bravo and aloha 8:)

laura on Sky, My Lovely Sky
great capture! rays of sunlight peeking through clouds are one of my favorites captures. well done! bravo and aloha ...

Cruz on Ala cinco dela tarde
The rain on the window is very effective...I also like the orang-ish glow int he provides good contrast ...

Cruz on Daily dose of imagination
when I lived on Guam we learned that the “taotaomona” lived in this tree...which was a spirit...not ...

Cruz on Mooooon riverrrrr, wider than a mile...
The gently curving river “lures” you into the photo...s curves do that! Good job. I also like the fact of ...

Paul on My little orange friend

Pavan Kaul on Birdy
The mood created is so lovely with the little bird against the beautiful sky! Great shot Slovthra!

The MaJor on Birdy
sky beauties!!

jamesy on Birdy
great shot how lucky that the second bird obliged for you

Otto K. on Daily dose of imagination
what an impressive looking tree.

Jeff on Birdy
Hi Slovthra,I must agree with my Son Anthony...And you tell a good story as well. ;>)

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Vertigo
Nice low point of view,lots of good architecture.

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Birdy
A nice simple but effective motive !!

QB on Daily dose of imagination
Yes, you could live in that tree. But you wouldn't need to build a tree house. A hammock and a bit of tarp, and it ...

jamesy on Daily dose of imagination
fabulous I can see you Hi back thats a great tree

Paco Díaz on Daily dose of imagination
Fabulous tree, I like very much the framing!

john4jack on Daily dose of imagination
Terrific tree. Terrific capture.

Yvon on Daily dose of imagination
great and fantastic landscape

MARIANA on Daily dose of imagination
it looks so miraculous . great shot .

Sunder on Vertigo
Nice shot ,here, Slovthra.. Yes, it is the distortion effect of the lens. Jusy wondered if you had space to step back a ...

QB on Vertigo
Maybe it's the wide angle of the lens that gives the vertigo. Looking upwards at tall buildings always has that ...

QB on Dark Blue
This worked out surprisingly well, then, didn't it? It's noisy, but I think that just adds something to the ...

MARIANA on Vertigo
Wonderful image . It brings me back to Europe , to my country ! This architecture looks so familar to me, I am really ...

Sunder on Dark Blue
Too good for an accidental click!!

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